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A globally diversified portfolio

Alahlia Investment Co looks for unique opportunities across all segments of the private equity spectrum: expansion capital, buyout, turnaround, special situations. We like to partner with strong operators, either the original management of target companies, or new management we bring in, or third party industry experts providing the required domain expertise to develop the investment value. We like to structure investments in a way that maximizes the downside protection and best aligns the incentives. We favor sectors which are synergistic with the underlying growth trends in the GCC such as, industrial, manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, healthcare, education, conventional and renewable energy, technology, tourism and financial services. We take a life cycle approach to our investments, by taking an active role from entry to exit, with a view to maximize the returns to our investors.

We work hard to achieve the benefits and opportunities our investments create, at home and in our operations overseas. sources opportunity to invest from an early stage in the company life cycle, in innovative projects and companies where technology has largely been de-risked or risk-reduced. That can be the case in post-revenue, late stage venture transactions in companies which have the potential to rapidly reach on international scale. We typically prefer larger rounds of financing required to scale-up commercial operations overseas, either by setting-up strategic manufacturing plants overseas (we like to think that the GCC is an attractive location) or overseas commercial operations, distribution platforms, or franchises. Also, we like to launch new ideas and projects from the ground-up (greenfield), when we have identified a compelling investment case, an arbitrage opportunity, a unique asset to be leveraged, a disruptive business model or a proven technology that is well suited and can be easily deployed in the markets we know.

Multiple Perspectives. One Approach.

We utilized our group structure to manage assets for both institutional and retail clients. Our mission is to deliver strong fund performance across diverse asset classes in which we believe we have a sustainable competitive edge. Our Asset Management Group professionals are dedicated to develop customized and optimal investment strategies for both individuals and institutions, by focusing on each client's profile, financial goals, and risk tolerance. With Assets Under Management (AUM) of around USD 713 million, we offer: Discretionary Portfolio Management, Fund Management, Advisory services and innovative investment products covering a wide range of asset classes. Our key investment objective is to deliver long term real returns for our clients by providing solutions in the form of products to create unique portfolio mix. We build strategic partnerships with each one of our clients – including retail, ultra and high net-worth individuals, financial advisers and institutions – in order to fully understand their financial requirements, and to develop products and services that deliver optimal returns while effectively managing risk.

In sustaining the trust with our clients, our highly experienced asset management team upholds the principle of transparency in executing all its investment decisions. This process of corporate governance is ensured by the ongoing due diligence carried out by our dedicated Investment Management Committee. We are committed to value investing; as such, we strongly believe that asset prices will reflect their true value over time. Through diligent research and the application of qualitative skills based on experience and quantitative investment tools, we identify underlying assets and securities that will outperform over time when building investment solutions for our clients. Our research is carried out using a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches, beginning with the evaluation of trends in global financial markets and assessing their implications on regional and domestic markets.

Our investment management approach involves five integrated steps: a comprehensive understanding of our clients, the assessment of economic and capital market expectations, the design and implementation of an agreed investment strategy, the continuous monitoring and rebalancing of our clients’ portfolios, and the transparent reporting of performance. We believe investment risk should be properly analyzed and understood. Thus, our investment solutions entail the adoption of robust risk management practices that adequately and efficiently capture, measure and manage risk. By balancing risk against return and considering each investment objective, we efficiently allocate investment resources on behalf of corporate and individual clients for maximum returns.

Identifying and targeting potential to realize opportunity

We invest in established companies with proven, dedicated management teams, superior product or service offerings, and demonstrated potential to outpace industry growth. We focus on opportunities in the United States, Canada, Europe, MENA and Asia that fall within sectors where our industry knowledge, experience, and insights can help enhance growth prospects. The Alternative Investments and Infrastructure platform encompasses our capital investment, healthcare, and real estate and infrastructure portfolios. Across all three sectors we see significant growth potential, which we are capitalizing on through active portfolio management and capital deployment in new and existing markets.

Alahlia Investment Co is one of the world’s leading sovereign wealth funds, with over U.S. $2.9 billion of assets. Alahlia Investment Co operates six integrated businesses that include private and public equity, venture capital and credit, in addition to a focused investment business and certain sovereign investment partnerships. Each business employs a research-driven, value-oriented investment strategy in its activities with a focus on capital preservation. The various businesses invest across the capital structure in both private and public securities, either directly or through third-party managed funds and aim to maintain a well-diversified portfolio that generates superior risk-adjusted returns on behalf of our shareholder and investors. Alahlia Investment Co is a differentiated and value-added investor that is able to source proprietary opportunities on a global basis and actively leverage the Alahlia Investment Co network in its various business activities. Our highly disciplined and institutionalized process of evaluating investment opportunities provides unique advantages to the benefit of our investors. Alahlia Investment Co benefits from significant synergies between its business lines through its global leadership and investment committees.

Real estate portfolio management

Our real estate team structures, arranges and manages real estate investments from our offices in Bahrain. Experienced real estate professionals analyze opportunities across a broad spectrum of transaction structures, geographies and return profiles to provide a diverse mix of attractive real estate investment opportunities for investors.We have completed real estate investments in the warehousing / logistics, self-storage, senior living, residential, resort, mixed-use, business parks and retail sectors with our team completing investments from North America to Europe, the Middle East to Asia. Supporting our overall business strategy and providing more diverse investment opportunities for investors, our real estate team extends its focus to develop initiatives, which include establishing and managing real estate investment funds. In addition to funds, our team focuses on providing more real estate financial services and solutions by leveraging its experience in specific real estate sectors. To date, our core management has delivered a track record of over 40 investments with a total transaction value of approximately $15 billion.

The real estate team carefully assesses potential risks associated with the project – from broad macroeconomic trends to more narrowly defined issues specific to that project. We consult closely with our co-investment partners, and review extensive analysis of post-acquisition execution and exit strategies in order to realize value over the investment term. Diversification, by geography, property sector, and investment style, also features prominently in Alahlia Investment Co's real estate strategy. The unit tends to focus on 5-10 countries at any one time, and are open to office, retail, residential, industrial, and select hospitality opportunities. Select derivatives of those more traditional property sectors are also considered on a case by case basis. Alahlia Investment Co Real Estate and Infrastructure has the flexibility to target the spectrum of core to opportunistic investments, depending on the market cycle and the firm’s priorities. While equity is primarily deployed, the portfolio has significant mezzanine and preferred equity positions as well.